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There are -1155 days until Christmas

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It's 2018 and Christmas is almost here.

We first would like to thank all of you that visit and use our site. While this sounds tacky and we apologize if it does, but Without your donations we can not keep offering this service for free and we have been here for you since 2004. There is a Paypal donation image link you can click to make a donation.

Create your own personalized letter from Santa. You can print on your own paper. You can learn how to add a North Pole postmark after you fill out the form for making your letter.
Two ( 2 ) letters with graphics to chose from. Great for children and adults of all ages.
Get yours today.
Plus you have the choice to purchase more choices. Make your childs Christmas magical this year with a free personalized letter from santa clause. Puts a smile on every childs face and it's FREE.

Ten Top Wish List Items
Bike ( 195 )
Toys ( 190 )
Doll ( 90 )
Tablet ( 89 )
Legos ( 65 )
Baby doll ( 65 )
Lego ( 60 )
Ipad ( 56 )
Laptop ( 51 )
Barbie ( 50 )

Top 100 wishlist items

Free printable Christmas songs

free santa letter Get your family together and be joyest while singing christmas songs. Free printable christmas songs to enjoy.

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Would like to thank all that come to to print out letters for their children. Putting smiles on childrens faces is what this site is all about. You can help spread the word about this site, by putting our link on your sites back to us.
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Santa is coming to town, so you better be good.
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